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O!House is an interior based platform. We believe a positive change in your space improves how you feel and think. The community is now expanding to a wider global audience this summer.

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People love to hear the thinking process behind how your beautiful homes came to be. Share your tips and stories; the warm community will genuinely appreciate and maybe respond with great suggestions too.

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Words From Our Community

At first, creating a better home was just about myself. Now it’s for the whole family, especially my mom. My genuine happiness comes from decorating a home.


The process of buying and decorating a home made me realize it was a journey of discovering my true self. Just as small and quotidian actions make up an ordinary life, a home is built around what one likes and needs.

@soodar_xxYouTuber, Designer

I guess since it’s the first home my husband and I created together, our love touches every corner of the house. ❤️ Don’t we all have a place where it’s pleasing just to be there? We wanted that kind of home, and we’re enjoying our days in this lovely space!

@eunii___Beauty Specialist

My husband is an art director of an ad company, and I’m an ad strategist. We’re usually under a lot of pressure and stress, so home must be a place to get good rest and relax, to stay as much as we want. That’s why we put a lot of thought into choosing a mattress or couch, where we spend most of the time at home.

@balmang_houseAdvertising Strategist

Home that used to be a place for sleeping has now become a complete sanctuary. Decorating my home has allowed me to take a closer look at what I want and like, and I’ve come to realize that creating a better home is such a valuable thing. In my own space, filled with my tastes, I recharge my batteries before going through another day.

@alderdnGenetic Engineer

I think home is a little forest. Like a tree which needs adequate temperature and humidity to grow, a home is furnished depending on how much care you put into. We want to cultivate a forest that can drive us continue to move on.


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