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Hi there! We are an artisan couple that’s been together for about five years. We’d lived on rent in Seoul where both my wife’s and my workshops are located, until recently we bought our first own house in the suburbs. Many worried about buying a property in the outskirts, but as we prefer a home with a unique character and personality over a homogenized space like an apartment, we gladly went for it and have been finding joy in this townhouse ever since.


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Our home is a 3-story townhouse with one living room, one kitchen, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an open terrace, and small outdoor spaces.

* Level 1: Living Room + Kitchen + Guest Bathroom

* Level 2: Master Suite + Dressing Room + Master Bath + Terrace

* Level 3: Home Study + Guest Room + Family Room + Guest Bathroom + Terrace

As the first residents of a house built in 2019, which is pretty recent, we didn’t plan a separate improvement project. Now let me walk you through our home by each level.


First Floor: where we spend most of the day

Floor Plan


The ground floor where we spend most of the time houses the living room, kitchen, and guest bathroom with no bedroom.


Living Room


One of the things I loved about this house is that there’s a bathroom for each floor. You don’t need to walk up and down the stairs to go to the bathroom, while protecting the privacy of us two when guests are over.


Like I said, we didn’t implement any finishing work when moving in, so most of the decorating was done by playing with furniture styles.


As an owner of a furniture workshop, my wife did all the designing and making for the wooden furnishings around the house. Her original design and personal touches ingrained in, I especially adore and treasure the pieces.


Since we prefer a subtle glow to bright lighting, lamps of all sorts are placed here and there.


We’re also very into finding new inspiration on light fixtures, which eventually leads us to buy one whenever we come across an interesting item.


My wife often also makes wooden pots, and they are perfect for a decorative object to be displayed in every corner of the house.


Several round-shaped ceramics as well.


From time to time, we like to take delight in freshening up the ambience with a slight change in the arrangements of our paintings or home accessories. “Orange Boy” by the Spanish artist Agusil, which we got before our marriage is the most cherished possession of ours. Sure, filling the home with newer and better fixtures is great, yet we value the process of dressing up our own nest with sentimental pieces full of our beautiful memories.


My favorite part of this house is the two places in the living room, opened up to the upper floor.


First, the staircase.


Stepping into the entryway, the staircase with high ceilings directly leads to the upper floor, instantly making the living room feel more grand and spacious.


Another favorite spot is the tall windows spreading up to the upper floor. These extended windows trigger spatial exploration and enjoyment throughout the living room.



The kitchen connected to the living room is not large and extensive but a great fit for a dual-earner couple like us, difficult to set aside time for doing the housework.


Lately we’ve been thinking of installing a fake wall by the sink to block the eyes toward it and separate the kitchen and living spaces.


Second Floor: where we feel most comfortable

Floor Plan


The second floor is a dedicated space for just the two of us with the master suite, open terrace, dressing room, and master bath.


Master Suite


Though we’re never big on interior design of white tones, furnishings and fixtures in off-white, beige, and wood tones are mainly used here to create a soothing and calming vibe.


The best space for us to rest under the warm sunlight beaming all day long through the windows facing south.


The chair and moon jar handcrafted by my wife.


Our travel-souvenir collectibles used to create an interesting home décor.


With two separate dressing rooms, it’s great that there’s no need to install a built-in closet or large storage space in the bedroom.


The powder room with a vanity cabinet divides the shower and toilet as a dry bathroom, making it much easier to maintain and clean.


Third Floor: where we are most creative

Floor Plan


The top floor permits relatively a lot of empty spaces.


Currently used as the home study and guest room, we’re still contemplating the specifics of what here would look like going forward.


Both of us are very careful when it comes to buying new stuff and agree that an interior design to merely make up empty spaces is not desirable, so we are in constant discussion on the usefulness and each other’s tastes.


Terrance and Outdoor Spaces


On warm days, we enjoy a cup of coffee or light meal while appreciating the clear sky and gentle breeze.


In the first Spring since moving to this home, we planted nine emerald green arborvitae trees in the front yard and a cornelian cherry dogwood in the backyard.


I’m sure the greatest charm of living in a townhouse instead of an apartment or downtown area lies in relishing private outdoor spaces, terrace, and the clear sky.




Thank you all for joining me on this tour of our townhouse where we’re savoring every happy moment in a much more relaxing way than expected, while looking forward to new memories and stories to be created here with our loved ones.

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