Dividing space with furniture in a new home with cats



Hi there! this is stayhyom who decided to move out from the family home and start living alone right before turning 30 last fall.

Since I had to bring my two furbulous kitties, I needed a place spacious enough to place cat supplies with a separate bathroom for my fiance. Luckily, I managed to find a perfect place that meets my needs! Come see my home today and check out how I have decorated it!


⚡️3 Secs Shortcut!

Floor Plan

This was originally a 676-square-foot studio apartment with three bedrooms, but the unit I moved in had knocked down a room to make a bigger living room.

Located right by a public park, the house is very quiet with windows wide open, also providing nice and scenic views. Sadly though, unlike other typical studios in Korea, it did not feature a built-in fridge and washer, so I had to buy those myself.


Living Room: Before


Two rooms converted into one, creating a unique horizontally-long living room. I spend most of the day here as the sunlight fills the room. When working from home, I can enjoy the fresh air and birds chirping with the windows open. I can’t wait for the spring to come when the park will be abloom with lush trees and colorful flowers. BTW, I decided to keep this lighting.


Living Room: In the interim


As it was midwinter when I moved in, I tried to add warmth and coziness against the backdrop of the combination of wood and steel materials as the central theme and used the color black as decorative accents. The rest of the fixtures were curated based on the simplicity and softness. To give you a clear picture, the legs of the sofa, chairs, and table and the lighting are all made of steel (colored in gray) to give consistency, while the fabric sofa and carpet with warm-tone lights cozy up the room.

I placed a full-length mirror, got it from my sister, on one end of the room to make it look larger. At first I thought of finishing it with wood sheets to make it correspond with the overall look, but I left it as it is given that the blinds’ color is white.


Here’s a shot from very early stages of the styling process of this home. Even with two rooms turned into a new living area, it was not wide enough for me. So I placed the sofa horizontally and got the glass table (W:1400 X D:800) to create a sense of space.


Beside the mirror is a cabinet, above which are a painting my parents bought from their trip to Hong Kong and a moss terrarium kit. Thank God, my kitties are not interested in the moss, phew! 🙂


Living Room: After


I shifted the position of the sofa to separate the living room from the dining area and like this arrangement much better than before. Despite living with two cats, I bravely laid the fabric sofa and two carpets in place.


As you can imagine, it is certainly troublesome to clean all the fur, but my kitties love lying on the softer floor which also prevents them from slipping and falling down when playing around the room. Moreover, they remind me of the days I was in Canada while giving an inviting feel.


The existing solid wood cat tree seemed to disrupt the design of the new home, so I splurged on this Iloom cat tree. Watching my babies having fun, it was definitely worth the money!🥺


I’m thinking of sticking to this arrangement for a while.




Nothing particular other than the bed itself in this room, even better having some leeway to spare.


The pillows from Zara Home are used as the headboard. The linen pillowcases are not sandy at all, rather really fluffy and comfy. But I think they got discontinued recently, too bad because it’s one of the greatest deals I’ve got.


I got that humidifier from Coupang out of urgency during the dry winter months.


Though I had a dressing table in my old room, there’s no need to have a separate fixture in this room with everyday products and perfumes stored in the wooden tray, flowing well with the whole house.




The kitchen is a slight disappointment in this house. It’s good enough for a person living alone, but if that person is an avid home cook then it can be pretty small. I’m planning to stay like this for now, and maybe place a tiny island under the pendant lamp if I find cooking amusing later.


To my surprise, the fridge and wine cooler from the old house slot into the spot like it’s made-to-measure! I was also so relieved that it had a gas stove instead of an induction cooker.👍


Here’s a hidden space to place the washer and dryer. I might add that I had to replace the original faucets with flat faucets due to the confined space.


Dressing Room/Home Study


I arranged the computer desk and closet in the same room, but it’s mainly used as the dressing room as I actually do most of the work at the dining table, unless I have something to fully devote myself to. A closet system by Hanssem on one side, the desk with drawers on the other.


I wasn’t sure how the two parts would all come together in this compact room, but I’m more pleased than I thought I’d be.




The toiletries aligned on a ceramic tray in the bathroom.


I love [painting].


You can spot paintings everywhere in this house. Currently, there are two pieces from the old house and the works of my fiance, and I like to rearrange them regularly.


That’s because every time I make even the littlest changes, it brings a big difference in improving the way my home feels. For one, I was astonished by how this huge painting instantly created an impactful gallery-like atmosphere throughout the room!




How did you like my home? I hope this was a time for you to get some home styling ideas and useful information! It doesn’t look like much, but it’s been decorated with items and accessories well thought-out for nearly two months. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to share my precious space and looking forward to changing the structure of the house in various ways and trying many different styles. Hope to see you again with exciting developments! Thank you all for joining me today!

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