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Hi there! This is Oharm who enjoys writing and loves vintage vibes. Six months ago, I finally got my own place and for the first time in my life, I earned a chance to decorate my own space and home.

Before working as a marketer, I was an editor a lifestyle magazine under a publishing company (and it was my first job) until May 2021. I have always been a home enthusiast, but my passion for home décor grew as I spent more time on beautiful homes, interviewing many in the industry, and came across a thoughtful items.


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My ‘first’ house on a hillside


Even when I was working in Seoul, living with my parents, I have always had a burning desire to get my own place filled with my own picks. So, I talked with my parents, managed to solve the money issue, and finally stepped out of my parents’ roof. For the first time in my life, with my severance pay spent to the last penny, I got to live in my own space filled with items based ‘solely’ on my taste.


Although located on top of a tall hill, more than ten minutes’ walk from the station, this place captured my heart for a few reasons. First, there were two windows that welcomed warm sunlight and cool breezes. The sunlight touched different corners of the house through out the day and the plants love that.


Also it was a brand-new house welcoming me as the first resident. Both the interior and exterior of the building were in good condition with a neat built-in refrigerator and a closet. The sliding door, one of the greatest merits of this house, separated the kitchen and dining area from the rest of the house, helping the house smell clean and fresh all the time. This soft sky blue-colored door seemed to blend in well with the vintage vibes that I love, which was also one of the appeals of this house.



Before moving in, I made a giant shopping list of over 70 items: from couches to cute plates that I wanted so badly. I would visualize by placing pictures of each item throughout the house, contemplating whether it would fit the style I wanted. Following my bent, the house was decorated with antiques and vintage furnishings. As a heavy advocate of adornment and decoration, every moment of building my own space was exciting and joyful.


Floor Plan


Here’s a peek into my studio. From the entrance, the living room and bathroom is in sight, and behind the sliding door on the left is, the area where I spend most of the day.


When I lived with my parents, I had the smallest room which made it difficult to create the desired ambience I wanted. The room was barely big enough for a bed and poorly ventilated. Obviously, I spent most of the day in bed, and I became less productive. The old room made me realize how much we are a product of the environment, so I strived to make the most of the new place separating each section and preserving room to walk around.




Here’s a picture before bringing in all the items. I first laid carpet tiles on the floor. Looking back, it was the best choice. My pick of wood tone antique furniture suited better with dark gray/brown carpeting than a light-colored floor.


If the tiles are cut to fit, then each piece wouldn’t stick out, and in case of any spill you can simply replace the parts as they enable cut-and-patch repairs of any shape or size. But it is hard to spot strands of hair or dust particles so for those who put hygiene before anything else, they may not be a perfect option.



House filled with my unique vintage vibes


My studio is largely divided into the dining table, armchair, bed, and the display cabinet.



The armchair is placed against the wall next to the bathroom. The outward sliding door leaves an extra room for a cozy corner space.



Beside the leather armchair, the books are laid in piles on a standing bookshelf from a brand called LYKKE. My friends ask how it is possible to pull out books as the shelves are hidden from the front, well, a steel support standing behind as a backbone makes drawing out easier.


Here, I spend my own chill time like making phone calls, looking up at the sky through the window while stepping on the armrest, reading books, and unboxing packages. I think I’ll keep this armchair to last and last because the classic appeal of this item will be accentuated in days to come.



On the backside, you can see all the pictures of what I’m into and my favorite TV shows. I have custom-made posters of a favorite scene from my all-time favorite TV show, Gossip Girl, and a picture of Monica, my dearest character from another all-time favorite, Friends. There’s also a page ripped from the catalog of a lighting brand and a vintage postcard that I got from my best friend.


Table where I sit around all day


This is the table where I spend most of my day doing little things from having dinner, working on my laptop, to writing a journal. With this sizable table (or desk) in place, I end up sitting around all day, wiggling my fingers.



Of course, you need to light a candle in winter!



This black-colored cesca chair finished with a lovely weave cane has always been in my wishlist, so I decided to bring one in for my new house! I imagine how awesome it would be to make a fortune and decorate the dining room with these fancy black cesca chairs.



I’ve always dreamed of the days of having my friends over to my own place and treating them with a good meal as a hostess like Monica on Friends. That’s why I bought this extendable table, the extension leaf is usually hidden, but it quickly and smoothly extends for the guests.


I guess I wanted to show off my culinary skills more than the table. I have thrown a lot of housewarmings (basically just dinner parties), lately I had a potluck party with my friends for Christmas, each bringing different homemade dishes.



Of course, I don’t always have a feast, but I try to make myself, at least, a simple meal. My go-to recipes are cold bean-soup noodle in summer and a glass of Vin Chaud in winter.



I set up the plates like this when I have my friends over.


Neat and clean sleeping area


Here’s my bed, and you can see the priceless curtains on the side, specially made by my mother. She personally took measures, sewed and hung the curtains for me!



Equally attached to is this bedding, bought with allowances sent by my nana. Since the wall on the other side is covered with posters and pictures, I decided to leave this wall clean with nothing on the surface.


My private collection


Across from the bed, the dressing table, round stool, and the display cabinet stand in a row.



The dressing table is a secondhand item with the handle replaced. Mirror mounted on the wall, the accessory box on the left, hand-stained by my mom, are all pre-loved items. Wow, I sure do have a lot of vintage items around my place.



On the shelf below, these are self-written independent essays and my beloved paperweights. They are just small collections of essays, kept as stocks on most days, sent to independent bookstores as a package after getting calls from them. Being of little practical use, the paperweights are usually placed as objects to be exhibited and the display itself is just beautiful, inducing me to consistently buy them.



This trolley for placing liquor bottles is from my parents’ house. I have brought it in with some vintage bottles, they perfectly mesh with my room though, right?



The trolley was also used for stacking up presents for my friends over the secret Santa. Well, I’m not an alcohol enthusiast, still the design is so cute and I think it can serve various purposes at my place.



The display cabinet facing the bed is filled with vintage items I’ve gathered here and there and some objects that mean the most to me.



A candlestick bought from a flea market in Prague where I traveled alone, antique picture frames given by my close friends are here. Farthest to the right, my mom brought it from Italy, a long time ago. She said it was fixed to the chandelier from her old place in Italy. Collecting items, bearing my own stories and tastes, and appreciating them every day are cherished little moments of my life.



This vase is also from the flea market in Prague. It’s now a much shinier and brighter vase thanks to my efforts to clean and remove stains with baking soda and a toothbrush. The vase, with which I arrange some flowers and twigs, is definitely the signature item of my place.


House where I get myself together


Living alone, I have become more aware of myself. Because it is a confined space that can only house a limited number of items, I tend to be more careful and cautious even when choosing a small piece.



As a maximalist with a distinct preference, loving this world full of pretty items, I look forward to the days of living in a bigger place and decorating it in my own way.



Whenever I visit my parents’ house, it gives me a sense of comfort and warmth, but I could always earn something different by living on my own. From the minute I wake up to fall asleep, all the tiny bits of my life are purely built by myself, and I know for sure, that experience would, in turn, build myself as a better person.



It doesn’t have to be special. Having a healthy breakfast with a cup of self-made detox juice, washing the dishes while binge-watching favorite TV shows, wandering around in comfy clothes, taking care of my plants, and having my friends over at any time… all these small scenes of my life have been deeply touching my heart. In the days ahead, I will continue to adorn and embellish my place with full of affection.




Rounding off this tour, it was also a pleasant experience for me to look back at the past six months of creating my place. Thank you all for reading and enduring to the end, though it leaves much to be desired as it is my very first open house.


I am a winter person, longing for the season throughout the year, and yesterday was like a surprise gift for me with the first snow of this year. I wish you all blissful days in the rest of the winter!


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