Finding my taste of true sense in a small neutral room


Hi there! This is the third time (already!) of giving you a tour of my room, the second biggest space in this house. I have tried and juggled so many different designs to this day, and I’ll now take you through all of those changes and choices.


⚡️3 Secs Shortcut!


Floor Plan


Here’s a 3D floor plan of my room (also used in the previous tours)!


Brighter ambience with a new flooring


This is right after I’ve finished installing new tiles. With just a simple change in flooring, the room has turned into a much brighter space!



My long-cherished dream of decorating the room based on monochromatic color schemes has finally come true.


Beginning of silver interiors


I replaced the glass table with this white plastic one to make better use of the space. I picked a design similar to one of L&C stendal tables that I’d eyed.



I’ve always loved modular furniture, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about this silver-legged desk. Ever since I decided to bring in this desk, my addiction to a silver hue began in earnest.



Everything from the chair and side table to the cabinet has been replaced with metallic fixtures, adding more luxuriousness and styles to the room!



I put up my favorite Bauhaus poster on the wall and displayed some decor items on the shelf.



Usually I place the table facing the walls, but I’d changed the arrangements of the chair and table in many different ways for a while. Trying various layouts, I never got bored of this confined space!



But then it was until I changed my phone that the overall color palette of the room started to vary as well. I began adding some colors into this room just like drawing a picture on a white paper.


Coloring my neutral room


The biggest change in this regard was the bedding. I got hooked on vivid and vibrant colors.



This added a nice decorative accent to the feel of the room!



As the room is mainly based on neutral hues, I first focused on items or colors that can accentuate the vibes. I had altered the decor items depending on the color of the bedding for some time.



This black modern look is one of my favorites! 🙂



Although it’s a small room of about 107 square feet, I have restructured the space in diverse ways. I could bring in a bed with drawers underneath for more storage space.



Or I could just place a cute cabinet with a simple design that blends well with the overall interior to make better use of the space.



Filling the room up with lots of pretty items, now there’s barely enough room to pass through. I’m sure I started out as a minimalist, I have no clue how it has come to this packed space in the end.



My little home coffee bar


My little coffee bar was reopened!



Spending most of the day staying at home these days, I created a little space to brew and have a cup of coffee on my own. With this cute espresso machine, the whole room greets my nose with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.



The stainless steel machine also meshes well with the monochromatic tone. It just sits there like a perfect decor item!



It comes in really handy for a house party with my friends and family.



Lately, a lot of espresso machines both simple and convenient to use, are on the market 🙂



This is a shot from the last house party. I had the most wonderful time enjoying delicious food, though again I failed to put up a big Christmas tree this year.



With a little help from an espresso machine, a house party can turn into a festive feast! I’ll definitely try some hacks from YouTube clips.


Mood on the white wall


Last but not least, this is a projector that I’m super into these days. My empty white wall becomes a massive screen and creates an incredibly beautiful atmosphere.



It also works during the day, let alone the night, and adds cozy and comfy vibes away from the cold when the sun goes down earlier.✌🏻



By the way, a tip for anyone who enjoys taking photos but feels like the room is too empty: search “LEEPLAY” on YouTube and play one of the clips, you’ll get some great pictures of your room 🙂


Finding my own color


Let me now wrap up the tour with these pictures.



My new furniture – both bought and received – offered me many chances to rearrange the structure of the room and obviously this tour as well!



This year has been especially meaningful, as I’ve got to design the room in my own way and give you the tour.



I guess my new year’s resolution would be to continue to capture every beautiful moment of my life!



It’s been slightly longer than a year since I started decorating my room, it’s so great to see how I’ve grown and found my own color.



Thank you all for following through till the end :-)♥️


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