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Hi there! I am an INFP web designer (aka a happy homebody) also running my own brand for six years. It’s been three years since my first online tour, yet I still get a lot of comments and reactions. And this inspired me to throw another tour for my second home. Having lived in a tiny and stuffy studio of 213 square feet, I decided to go a little far this time and move to an 1,129-square-foot apartment! 🙂

Decorating an apartment over 30 years old on a modest budget by myself was challenging but very enjoyable. I find this place more attached than any other. Now, let me walk you through this new custom home that perfectly suits my lifestyle.


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Floor Plan


This apartment has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living area connected to the kitchen providing an opened-up space. It is pretty roomy for one person to live in, but I planned on using each room for different purposes – a workspace, dressing room, and the master bedroom.


Living Room: Before


You know, it was not an easy decision to choose a 30-year-old apartment. It was simply not a great impression when I first walked in the house. Nevertheless, I made a bold decision to renovate this place on my own at a minimum cost because I had desired a spacious home.

Luckily, the floor was covered with light shade, whereas the dark wood trim contracted the space making it feel smaller. I installed the curtains on the extended balcony first then did the papering and painting.


Living Room: After


Unlike other traditional homes, I did not place the TV in the living room. Instead, I turned this area into a multi-purpose space – a workspace, dining area for occasional house parties, or studio for some photoshoots – hoping to spend more time on productive activities here.



Also, I tend to rearrange furniture in the living room. When it gets warmer, I move the bed out and reclaim this space for various interests in winter.



It’s so good to have a nice place to work and study with a cup of coffee without leaving my own house.



The wooden shelves on the right were custom built by a woodworking shop nearby. I picked the cheapest type of wood and applied wood staining on the surface on my own!

I bought this armchair at a bargain price at a flea market. It is in good condition, comfy and wide enough to fully relax, so I pass some quality time just sitting down.



Bedroom: Before


The most urgent parts begging for a redo were the wallpapers and flooring. I first did the papering on my own and laid a carpet on the floor. I used pre-pasted wallpapers so it wasn’t all that hard to apply them, but stripping the old wallpapers was really exhausting. Right after beginning the work, I was full of regrets that came rather late. The 30-year-old wallpapers were like the endless layers of an onion. I also remember paying special attention throughout the whole process as it was the rainy season.


Bedroom: After


The awkward yellowish green space transformed into a cozy bedroom. I wouldn’t dare to take a step inside before, now it gives a warm and snug ambience.



Guest Room: Before


This small room seemed to have been used as the kids room. It was not so bad in appearance, but the faded wallpapers were coming off and flapping around, and the dull floor was replaced with carpet tiles.


Guest Room: After


I chose the light wood color from Chunil Carpet to correspond with the size of the room. It was a dark, muted color perfect for accentuating the cozy ambience. This modern and simple design added that snuggle-friendly feeling in the room.





Here’s a peek into my kitchen. Although it was a dated apartment, it had built-in beige cabinets and white tiles on the wall. It’s not a crisp white kitchen, but I found the original interior nice and stylish with its own vintage vibes.



This is where the living room meets the kitchen, I usually have my meals here.



Without a separate closet, I installed clothes racks on one side of the room. The dresser on the right was actually sitting in this house when I first moved in. I thought its antique aesthetic was worth keeping, and look how pretty it is as a decorative accent! 🙂 All of the furniture in my house has so many stories and memories in them, always interesting to just watch.


I love [collecting home décor items].


It’s already been six years since I began selling home décor items. At first, I collected the items just for fun, but now it has become my main job. As a collector, it is hard to follow the pursuit of living as a minimalist, rather my place is filled with a number of items at all times.



All of these items, too, have their own stories. Some of them are from a flea market in Paris, and those for sale are also on display.



I love [throwing a house party].


Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, I enjoy having guests over while exchanging stories and filling up each other’s glasses. I find it less tiring to stay at home than going out, so I figure throwing a house party will continue well even after everything comes back to normal.





Well, this brings me to the end of my second house tour. Thank you all! 🙂


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