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Hi there! As a fashion photographer working day and night, a home was just a place to sleep for over 10 years. Then I ended up working on a freelance basis with my health going from bad to worse due to constant overtime.

Spending more time at home, I’ve come to realize that decorating a home can be fun and fulfilling. Lately I’ve been so into sprucing up my home where I moved in two months ago. This has become my favorite own space ever since I started living alone.


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Floor Plan


As you can see, it is just a typical layout of a studio except that it has an L-shaped kitchen which is perfect for a regular home cook like me. Above all, I fell in love with its panoramic view of the city skyline.

You know, the pandemic ruined all our plans to travel overseas. So I tried to bring the exotic feel of foreign hotels with simple interior designs and stunning city views and embrace a Paris apartment look.


Living Room


Connecting to the kitchen, the living room has a fireplace-shaped cabinetry which seemed as a must-have to give a cozy European vibe.

Although a compact studio, this house has lots of storage spaces with the help of built-ins. That’s why I decided to turn this furniture into a spot for displaying cute vintage items. These items are from shops or flea markets here and there, adding a rustic touch.


Home Office


As a freelancer mostly working from home, this is where I spend most of the day at this house. I’d pondered over how to decorate this desk with a plain iMac.

Then, this memory of a store I found in Bali suddenly hit me. The rattan furnishings and planterior designs used to decorate office desks with an iMac were so pretty. I’ve also started to freshen up my work space with some flowers and plants, and the rattan room divider is another decorative accent.


My Green Friends


The houseplants I’ve been growing are arranged in different kinds of stools in every corner, giving a harmonious look to this home. I had bought all sorts of plants including flowers, but without a balcony, it was difficult to keep some of them healthy, so now I try to buy those that can thrive in this home.




I usually have my meals at home to maintain a low-carb diet, and this spacious kitchen provides enough room for enjoying cooking. I also try to plate food like a pro chef to get this feeling of being served. As a coffee lover, I have this tiny spot for an espresso machine to bring the charm of a café home.



Rug Flooring


Basically, the whole floor is covered with rugs. I had searched for various types of rugs even before moving in because a rug would be a simple decorative feature that adds style to the floor. I thought layering several artful rugs would boost the style of my dull floor.

Of course, there’s dust flying everywhere, but they give visual delight while adding warmth. Thanks to these rugs, I enjoy lying down on the floor, looking at the sky. I chose neutral colors that don’t really stand out and different materials which give both fun and comfort.


Sun-kissed Mornings


The morning hours have become my favorite time of the day in this house. The sunlight streams through the windows around seven, brightening the spaces and offering dazzling views. Beautiful mornings have shifted my daily routine from being a night owl to an early bird! 🙂


Snug Bedroom


From creamy white to barely beige, I try to keep my bed as cozy as possible. Even in the mid-summer, I lay a goose down comforter set. These days, I’m so into changing the interior around the sleeping space to make it more minimal.

I’ve wanted to put up some posters on the wall and potted plants by the bed, but it’s somewhat cumbersome to slumber in. I guess I need to continue trying various arrangements around this area.


Cozy Nights


It took me the longest to settle on the lighting and rugs. The first lighting I got was a vintage french lamp from the 80s, standing on the fireplace. It was like a love at first sight when I found the piece from an antique shop. It was a bit pricey with its crystal base, but I just couldn’t help myself.

The bedside lamp with a wood base has fabulous structure and adds an aesthetic value. It would’ve been slightly better if it had a darker tone for the base part to accentuate the lampshade.

Lastly, the wireless desk lamp is both functional and beautiful. I’ve come to like this piece the most because of the modern design. All of these lights with different styles provide a cozy and warm ambience as a whole at night.



I had a hard time getting a dressing table that could fit in the wall between the living room and bedroom. Luckily, I found a friend of mine who would gladly custom build a table for me at a bargain price.

But he wanted to design it in his own way, so I left it up to him. Although I had to wait for a couple months to finally meet the piece, I love how it adds a rustic texture with the handcrafted look. Yet, I’m looking forward to when it gets darker to blend well with other pieces around the house.


Gorgeous City Views


The most fascinating feature of this house is how it offers stunning city views. Grasping the constant change of the skyline through the windows is such a wonderful experience. During my downtime, I would just sit back and watch the views to create a getaway feel. To simply appreciate the change of seasons while relaxing at home is sheer bliss.

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