Navy and yellow accents in a room with wood pieces



Hi there! I’m an engineer who spends most of the day in a dusty factory. Working in the surroundings filled with a dull gray, I have been naturally drawn into decorating the home as a place to enjoy bright colors.


Floor Plan


Though a small studio of about 285 square feet, it stole my heart with its wide windows covering the whole side of a wall, providing an open view of mountains. Adding to that, lots of storage spaces in the kitchen and built-in closets prompted me to settle in.



Here’s the view from the entryway by the kitchen. I prefer a clutter-free arrangement, so most of the things are usually stored in the wooden drawers. I also tried to liven up this compact room with a few navy and yellow accents.



Now used as a console table, the dresser used to be a spot for storing t-shirts or delicates, on top of which are some of my favorite objects. The drawing standing there was to cover an outlet and cables. Sitting by the entryway, I put perfume bottles and accessories to get the final touch right before leaving for work. The candlesticks and rattan basket on the right are all from Bangkok.



With the mirror on top, I usually just put out the most essential items and the rest are stashed in the top drawer. The rattan basket, which I said is from Bangkok, is actually more of a spot for dumping cotton pads than a décor object.



Here’s the view from the armchair. This newly-bought 55-inch TV is quite big for a studio but so worth it with various features.



As a regular home cook, I often make my meals at home. From the dining table, the bed and windows are in sight. By the bed, I installed the wall sconce since I prefer dimmable indirect lighting, and on the nightstand I have a room spray and hand cream for better sleep.




This 5-drawer dresser is for tucking away clothing and also a spot for miscellaneous items including a small table lamp which adds a sense of design. The GENEVA sound system I got last year to treat myself instantly turns my room into a theater when connected to the TV.



I chose the low profile frames for the bed to make the room appear larger. Without the headboard, I laid brightly colored or bold patterned pillows to create a new look for the bed. White blackout curtains hung on the windows actually don’t work as well as black ones, still I’m mostly out during the day, so they’re okay for the night.


I regularly replace furniture pieces, and these are the most recent look of the house. I bought a forest-colored plastic side chair and the Louis Poulsen PH Hat Wall Lamp to add some color and style. At night, I only turn on the indirect lighting to get a good night’s sleep.



On the left of this L-shaped countertop, originally designed as a desk, I put an espresso machine and air fryer to secure more space for the cooking area. Recently, I installed a wine rack to give it a more bistro look. I have a variety of kitchen appliances for someone living alone so try to keep them handy but out of the way as this space is the closest to the entryway.

That’s a wrap on my room tour, thank you all for joining me today!


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