Home, a reflection of myself


Hi there! After almost two years of pursuing minimalism and simple living, it’s good to be back with my home which has gone through so many changes.



Here’s the floor plan and furniture layout. You can clearly tell that there’s a lot of things stuffed in this small house. One of the first things I’ve realized living here is that “I’m by no means a minimalist.” If I find something interesting then I must get my hands on it.

My rectangular studio is roughly divided into four areas. Although relatively small, I try to make the most of the given space.

1. Bedroom





I used to often change where the bed sits or which way it faces. But now I’ve found the most efficient arrangement. The biggest difference with the bed is the frame I got recently, thanks to which I’ve secured storage space for out-of-season clothing and bedding.



The wall by the bed is always left empty. Without a TV, I sometimes rented a projector to watch a movie.



On the nightstand, I place my favorite objects such as a table clock or flower vase. I try to make a difference in the way my home feels with the littlest things.



Lately, I spend a lot of time listening to music through this turntable and speaker. I wasn’t really interested in this kind of device, until one day, I got hooked on jazz records playing through a turntable. I always surf the Youtube or internet before I buy something, and looking into all sorts of turntables was like taking the first step into a whole new world. Now every time I go somewhere, I visit a local vinyl shop to get an album.


2. Home Café


As a homebody, I love brewing my own coffee at home.



I’m also a collector of teawares and cups of every kind, but I especially prefer using a small glass of 8-10 oz to enjoy a strong, layered coffee.



For a hot tea, I like enjoying it with a porcelain cup. Recently, I’m into collecting ceramic cups or pottery made by @like_a_clay. You know, tiny bits of everyday life like reading a book or listening to music with freshly brewed coffee in my own space bring us true happiness.



A couple of days ago, I bought an espresso machine I’ve been eyeing on for quite some time. This Breville 870 espresso machine comes with a built-in grinder, so it makes better use of a small space and is great to work with. I first laid my eyes on this machine from a cozy independent bookstore nearby. It’s been about a month owning it, and I have never for a minute regretted this purchase. The best thing about it is that it actually makes consistently great coffee and helps me become a good at-home barista, by using volumetric dosing, and essentially every automated feature has a manual override for when you outgrow the basics (including pressure control or pre-infusion).


3. Living Room



The table below is a dining/coffee table and used for other various purposes.


Before, this area was largely separated into the bed and table, meaning I wasn’t really taking advantage of the open space. It was also bothersome to use the table as an office desk as well.




I replaced the table with this round coffee table and floor chairs. I love everything about this new table: the wood’s texture, tone, round shape, and soft touch. I usually have my meals around here and sit on the floor chairs instead of just lying on the bed. The slogan of the brand that designed this table goes “The way of living in a small house” and corresponds with my home. Even my friends said I picked something that’s just like myself.



At night, it becomes a comfy home theater. Aww.. I might just go for the projector.


4. Home Office


Last but definitely not least, the home office.


I placed the desk and chair right on the back of the bed. Sitting here, it’s such a relief to just looking around this home where my personal touch is brushed against every corner.



Running a Youtube channel called “Linahome” on my own, I’m usually stuck in this table for hours editing clips. After staring at the monitor for a long time, I would get up and take shots of this home bringing in the sunlight. I would never miss a chance to capture the split second of my home, a reflection of myself, beautifully blending with the natural light.



As I get to spend more time staying home after the pandemic, I’ve looked around for hobbies or activities to nurture at home. My extra downtime has become even more pleasurable while drawing some pictures on this table.



Behind is a hardwood cabinet. I’m sure many of those living in a small studio feel the same pain of struggling to find storage spaces. This hardwood cabinet has a bi-fold door that allows me to conveniently open and close. The wide shelves give me the freedom to store a variety of belongings such as cups, boxes, and even a fan. Above are a vintage tea kettle and candlestick bought from an antique shop in Europe.


5. Seasonal Decorations


I try to freshen up the mood in this tight space through updating the decors as seasons change. During the winter, I would take out the Christmas ornaments and holiday crafts to dress up the home.



I’ve hung the string lights from last year and wrapped them around the bracket shelves. Already a warm and festive feel!



These pictures are from my travels in Northern Europe last December. It’s actually the first time making postcards with the photos taken by myself, but just looking at them takes me right back to those days.




How did you like my second room tour? I guess some things will change and others stay the same, but I’m more than willing to discover more about my personal taste and myself. Thank you all for joining me today!

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