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Hi there! We’re a homebody couple owning an independent bookstore. We’ve recently decided to move to a house with yards since living in an apartment, we always felt bad for our pup. Some worried that it was too early to move into a house in the burbs, but we chose to keep our little fella happy and healthy (Plus, us too!).


We settled in a 12-year-old townhouse. Thanks to the original constructor who had spent a hefty sum to build the house, it had pretty good bones and solid materials only in partial disrepair. Still, with large floor areas and high ceilings, it cost us a fortune for partial renovation projects.

Like a vacation home

While my husband and I love to stay at home, we both also enjoy traveling. So we’ve come to the conclusion that creating a home which gives travel vibes would be a perfect home décor goal for us. With that in mind, we did our best to incorporate our love for travel into every corner of our home.

Floor Plan (First Floor)

Living Room


One of the reasons we chose this house was soaring ceilings and large glass windows. These 10-foot-high windows extending outdoors give a spacious and open look and flood the house with natural light all day long. Though it becomes too hot or cold in the deepest months of summer or winter, we chose the view out through these windows revealing a yard with surrounding trees. To make the most of the expansive sight, we minimized furniture and avoided placing tall furnishings.


At this freezing time of year, we draw on this wood stove to get through the winter. Of course, it’s still much colder than living in an apartment, but we love the meditative flicker of a good fire (and sure, our cat seems to enjoy it too!).


Decorating the Christmas tree has always been one of the greatest joys of the holiday season for us, and we found this tree rental service. Renting a tree! I mean we could spruce up our home with different styles of trees every year! It was also very convenient that the supplier delivers, installs, and collects the tree for us! By the way, the cabinet by the tree took two months to finally get delivered.


The creamy white marble floors and black window frames seemed to give a cold hard look, so we added beige and brown tones in the living room to complement this. At the same time, we tried to avoid old vintage vibes by mixing steel materials in furniture.


Here, I spend most of the day on bright sunny days doing my yoga, listening to music, playing with my phone, or just lying on the couch. Also fun to watch how our home evolves with new items reflecting our tastes coming in.



Placed right beside the living room, we replaced the original black divider with a solid wood folding divider to match a rhythm repeated in furniture throughout this house. It’s great how just opening up or closing off the divider creates separate feelings.


The only part we redid here is where the fridge sits and installed an island to create more storage spaces for all the dishes and kitchenware. Oh, and the pantry we got at a modest price is all in all not bad, but the bottom part of the spice rack is unstable, often knocking down the jars.


I bought this rustic dinnerware set with a hand-made feel or organic texture. They’re pretty heavy but sturdy for everyday use and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Floor Plan (Second Floor)



The master bedroom is on the second floor, unlike the other rooms, the floor and wall behind the headboard are finished with gray hues. Before there was a closet standing by the wall, but we tore it down to leave the bed only. To infuse a hotel vibe, we used indirect lighting throughout the room and streamlined belongings and furnishings.


With the winter approaching, we refreshed our bedding set to a darker tone, tying the overall look of this room with the gray palette on the walls and floor. The washed linen material gives the crisp feel I like, yet not warm enough for cold days, which is why we’d always lay a bed warmer.



I especially put a lot of heart into building this master bathroom because wherever I go, the bathroom leaves the strongest impression of a certain accommodation. Some of the best hotels or b&bs I’ve been, have one thing in common: a large and atmospheric bathroom. Of that, beige bathrooms spotted from my trips to Bali and Munich inspired the design of this space.


We pulled down the closet standing here before and installed a rack for shower robes or pajamas. Inspired by the bathroom of a cabin resort in Gapyeong, it also has drawers to store towels and bath supplies. Sometimes I would sit here and annoy my husband while he washes up.


Right across two sinks stand side by side, and on the top and bottom of a medicine cabinet for skincare products above, built-in LED lights are tucked away. It took a pretty while to find all the items to match the beige tone and stone texture going throughout the room like a soap tray.


I’ve always wanted a tub overlooking the outdoors, now I can fully enjoy the views while soaking in this masonry bathtub. Though the process of building it was frustrating and exhausting, it is my favorite place of this house, the most relaxing way to cleanse the mind as well as the body. Looking back, I think it’s important to do what feels natural to you, no matter what it takes, when it comes to redoing your house.


Bathroom accessories align with the overall tone as well!


Passing the powder room, the bath on the left, toilet on the right. Except for the bath, the whole area is based on dry floors, very convenient to clean. The door separating the toilet complements comfort around here.

Floor Plan (Third Floor)

Cinema Room


My husband and I also love watching movies, so this is where we curl up on our day off. The screen covering a whole wall and multiple speakers create a comparable cinematic experience!


An arcade machine and massage chair sitting on the other side allow us to fully recharge our batteries.

Piano Room


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a professional, but the piano has always been my friend since being a little girl. Even to this day, whenever I have a lot in mind, I resort to this piano and calm myself down. Located in the opposite end of the living room, this space is also for reading books.



This is my small hideout to enjoy quality time. On the corner of our garden, we laid stones and pebbles to build this 107-square-foot greenhouse for our little gardening project.


Thanks to all different varieties of plants including basil, limes, bay trees, tomatoes, strawberries, and so on we’ve been growing, we eat a lot more vegetables than we used to. Sure, during the winter, we need to put quite a lot of effort to warm it up, but it’s so fun and rewarding to cook our meals with crops produced from our greenhouse. In fact, that’s the best part of living in a house with gardens!



There’s no better place than the garden on a warm sunny day. Getting some fresh air, appreciating the sunlight is a perfect family retreat. And enjoying our meals, let alone the barbeques, looking at the clear sky is simply stunning.


Anyone who’s spent long hours working in the garden, watering the trees, planting the flowers, knows the pleasure that comes from a job well done. Actually, it’s our dog who loves this place the most. Watching him happily romping in the yard also makes us happy too!


At night, burning up the firewoods while listening to music brings the essence of camping into my home.


How did you like our cozy and travel-inspired house? I’ll be back soon with our spring house filled with new memories! 🙂


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