Cozy life in a 3-story townhouse with a private yard and fireplace


Hi there! We moved to a townhouse in Yongin from an apartment a month ago and created a warm and soothing house with a comfy combination of a white color scheme and hardwoods. Let me walk you through the warming and lovely spaces of our house.


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Floor Plan


These are the floor plans of the first and second floors. We skipped drawing the floor plan for the third floor because it’s basically just the attic. Although the house was built four years ago, the former resident used and kept the place clean, so it seemed partial renovations would be perfect enough to create a beautiful house. We set the  period for the remodeling as three weeks. That’s because we had to live in the house during the renovation.




This is the first door you see after walking into our home. We wanted to have an inviting door as it directly leads to the living room and gives the first impression of this house. Since we liked the original design of the door, we’ve simply applied a wooden film on the surface. Before, it was light cobalt blue-colored and seemed detached from the surroundings. That’s why we considered replacing it with a hardwood design at first, then chose to just resurface the original door. By the way, keep in mind that the door sheet comes in a thousand different designs, so take a closer look to check the pattern or color!



Ta-da! Sooo pretty. 100% satisfied! The installer did a fantastic job in giving a perfect smooth finish from the door knob to the bottom where it reaches the floor. Look, you can never tell it’s a film door!


Living Room


As you walk in through the inner door, you can see our living room. The first floor is divided into the living room, master bedroom (with a bathroom), main bathroom, courtyard, and backyard. This floor covers an area of about 1,245 ft² (116 m²), leaving out the backyard.



The interior design of this house is mainly based on the combination of a white color scheme and hardwoods. It’s just the style that I’m into. LED daylight bulbs are tucked away in the living room. For the ceiling fan, I did all the legwork and chose a brand called “Pro Lighting.” You know, this ceiling fan is something. The blades of course circulate air effectively, and the strength/direction can be adjusted by the remote controller. While giving cool breezes, it accentuates the ambience of the house.

I’m totally satisfied with this Casamia Campo white fabric sofa. I’ve always wanted to buy this piece, it’s as comfy as a regular bed and water resistant, so great for homes with kids like ours.



Here’s our living area on a clear day.



This is a fireplace-shaped console table that we specially got for last Christmas. Inside, you can light mood lamps or display books and items. There are some other options that also serve as a bluetooth speaker, but already having speakers in place all around the house, I decided to order one that can set up mood lighting as well. I have also decorated here with small candlesticks and cute little items to warm up this plain and dull space. Also, the console perfectly meshes with the white walls.


Dining Room


Here’s our dining area. Lightings hanging above the table were moved to other rooms and replaced with much simpler ones. The black-colored tiles in the kitchen were also replaced with square-shaped mosaic tiles in white. We added LED strip lighting under the upper cupboard.



We carefully ripped off the old cupboard and patched new tiles over the existing ones. Be careful! If you wish to use the existing cupboard, then watch closely whether it will be too tightly placed over the new tiles, otherwise it will not fit in the same space.




This is the master bedroom on the first floor. The greatest appeal of our house is that each room has its own big windows, which overlook the view of the woods. The original constructors of this house had dreamed of framing views of the forest surroundings, so they particularly focused on landscaping around the house. Thanks to their efforts, everyday is so refreshing and relaxing in this house, traveling far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.



The bedroom is filled with antique furniture used by my parents for a long period (ever since they were newlyweds). We got rid of the bed frames to use it as a low profile bed with a cover on the mattress. A lower bed allows kids to climb up easily and us to have a good night’s sleep with a greater sense of stability. For the rug, we chose a geometric design of warm beige to avoid being too simple or too messy. As soon as it was laid down, we knew it was a perfect choice.




This is the terrace courtyard between the living room and backyard. It is also where the fireplace, the heart of this house, is placed. Beside a large window, there is a table and a rocking chair, where I can have a relaxing time while staring at the fire. The rocking chair is a very old piece, passed down from my mom. She said it used to be a must-have item for every household, and no wonder.. It is so comfy! The old cushion on the chair that has become rusty, was replaced with the cuddle cushion, and it’s just perfect!



You can also see the rattan loveseat, which we sit on to watch a movie via projector or just to lie down and zone out. This space is a joy to behold, triggering some traveling mood and maximizing our life satisfaction at this house.



As the fireplace burns the woods, the whole house gets warmed up, sometimes even the windows need to be opened. No need to worry about the heating bills for this winter.


Home Gym


Moving on to the second floor, there are three rooms and a dry bathroom. First room is a space for a home gym. My husband was begging for this workout space. I was really unwilling to give him this space, but decided to back off and turned it into a gym. Well, it’s not so bad with these full-length mirrors in places. At this point, I, too, often use this space. He now has dumbbells by weight and even a mini freezer. Yeah, yeah, whatever.


Guest Room


The guest room is also a room for the instruments where we can spend our time for leisure. If there’s no guest, we enjoy our free time playing the piano and guitar. What makes the rooms on this floor better is that the windows give a view of tall trees outside.



Kid’s Room


This is my six-year-old daughter’s room. I wanted to create a warm and lovely space for her. She has reached this point of enjoying drawing pictures, doing origami, or reading books instead of playing with toys, so I separated places for toys and sleeping to give her comfort. As expected, she fell in love with her room at first sight. She also got her own goldfish bowl, which I promised to buy one after we move in. She is so into picking her clothes and dressing herself up these days, we gave her this wooden full-length mirror. She’s our little supermodel showing off her style every morning.

We regularly replace the rugs in her room. A persian pattern rug creates a cozy ambience, while a hopscotch pattern rug turns the room into a cute and fun space for playing little games. The mobile hanging on the wall is a hand-crafted gift, specially made by her grandmother. Don’t you dare break it apart, girl! In front of the bookshelf is a single pendant lighting with a daylight bulb that is much easier for the eyes. We tend to light the daylight bulbs to feel more comfortable than the main white lighting built in each room.



Second-floor Bathroom: Before


Here’s a shot taken during the bathroom remodel. From the wooden wall panels to the cabinet, we have rebuilt the whole space. The floor was originally covered with basic bathroom tiles, but we wanted to create an open and dry bathroom. We picked this wooden wall after going over various designs with the builder. We replaced the old sink of low height with a dry sink on top of a higher cabinet. After renovating the sink faucet with clean finish, the walls were decorated with wooden panels.


Second-floor Bathroom: After


Then we custom made the cabinet fit for the given space. It is made of merbau solid wood, which is important to apply an oil-based stain from time to time for preventing water stains on the surface.



Ta-da! It is now beautifully decorated as we planned. We pounded the pavement looking for this octagon wood mirror and wooden shelf. From this sink, there’s one side with just a toilet and the other with a tub for a lower-body bath.



I hunted down these terrazzo tiles made in Korea. They look much brighter in person with yellow and blue patterns in the mix.



Aren’t they so pretty? We carefully plastered each piece one by one. The walls are finished filling with white cement, and after the joints have dried up, we will mix the cement with other pigments to fill the gaps and complete the remodel.




This is where you can see stars in the sky. Our attic’s ceiling is relatively higher than other homes, even adults don’t need to bend the neck to come in. We turned this space into a room for my girl’s toys. Whenever she has her friends over, they crawl up to this attic to chit chat and share secrets. You know, we all have this dream of having an attic, the same goes to my little girl and it is her favorite spot in this house. I also find it calm and relaxing to lie down and listen to the drops falling on the windows on rainy days.



There are still so many hidden gems and spots left to be seen. Solid and spacious front/backyard, built-in closets here and there, and the mini bathroom and kitchen. If I get a chance, then I’ll give you another tour of our house full of cute little items.




On one snowy day, this is the view of our backyard from inside the house. Aww, I thought it was only the fire that’s relieving to stare at, but the snow was also soothing to watch. We built a snowman, played a snowball fight all day long, came back inside the house to warm ourselves by the fire.. it was like enjoying the holidays.



We all agree that staying home is the best way to spend some time around these freezing cold days. Instead of going on a camping trip, we start the campfire and make barbecues in the yard.



With the pandemic yet to recede, it’s so much better not to yell at my kid to never run around the house and so good to indulge in outdoor barbecues. For those who have always lived in an apartment and are afraid of moving to a house, just give it a try!


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